They say that wise insights and realizations can come to you in the strangest places and the strangest of times. Like it did to me when I was watching a repeat broadcast of Tottenham Hotspurs 3-1 loss to Blackpool at Bloomfield Road in the dead of the night.

Now, I make no claim to being a sage but you begin to notice a pattern if it is repeated often times enough.

And the pattern is this. A club gets to play in the heady heights of European competition, especially the Champions League and after punching above their weight and possibly defeating opponents they were not meant to, become punch drunk and find it too much of a hassle to get their legs going for their next local fixture.

Kind of a mouthful but still I think it’s a valid theory.

Of course credit must to Ian Holloway (the Blackpool coach) and his players for a fantastic victory but also Spurs players must still be feeling the effect of their exertions, physical and mental, of their victory in San Siro.

And it appears to be something in the waters of North London because their neighbour has also felt the effects of their European hangover as shown by their draw with lowly Leyton Orient in their FA Cup fifth round match.

It surely must be difficult for anyone that has just gorged up on caviar at the European buffet to be very happy to be feted at the local fish and chips shop.

The thing for these clubs is to remember that these local competitions as banal and unexciting as they may be actually provide the springboard for participation in the continental competitions. As long as they bear in mind that playing in Europe would be impossible without playing well at home, that is, in local competitions, they would do just fine.

In other news, another English team was being brought back to earth in a competition on a foreign land. This time it was the English cricket team, cricket royalty as it were, narrowly and I mean narrowly beating the cricket team from the Netherlands which are lowly not only in elevation but also in cricketing terms in their first group match in the ongoing cricket World Cup.

This being the same team that roundly trounced the Australian team in the last Test series some months ago. It surely must have been painful for the English when they hit their head as they landed roughly back on earth after being the first English team in decades to win a Test series down in Australia.

But since in the case of the English cricket team, their participation in future World Cups is not dependent on their performance at the World Cups but rather on their Test status, they should do just fine. It’s not like they are going to win the World Cup anytime soon.

That’s all folks. Till later

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