Because I’m still hung-over from staying up or late or is it till early this morning to watch the Grammy Award ceremony, this is looking like it’s going to be a shorter post. So let’s dive right into it.

One would think the Premier league season was over with all the relentless coverage and non-stop replays of Wayne Rooney’s winning goal in the Manchester derby this past weekend. Maybe at this very moment on one of the Manchester roads leading up to Old Trafford is a Premier league official driving in a black Rolls Royce with the Premier league trophy resting in the backseat.

Of course, it was an amazing goal. Maybe the best goal Rooney has ever scored or will ever score. Maybe even better than the goal 17 year old Wayne announced himself to the world with against Arsenal some years ago, if not harder to score.

And it’s not like it’s the first overhead bicycle kick ever scored in football. The deflection of Nani’s cross off Zabaleta’s back changed the trajectory of the ball and made lose pace and spin upwards thereby an overhead kick the only way Rooney could have scored from that position.

And how well did he take it. And as the Manchester striker admitted during the post match interview, the move was one of those things that players try out in training and nine times out of ten; the ball doesn’t go into the net. But the one time that it does, it ends up being a glorious goal!

But surely no league, no matter how one sided, is decided by just one goal or even one victory.

The win over Manchester City was without doubt an important one for Sir Alex and his team. And to have the winning goal scored by in such spectacular fashion by his out of form striker would come as a much needed boost to their title chances.

But let’s not forget that this is still the same team that lost to relegation threatened Wolves a week ago and with a fixture list that includes two matches against Chelsea, a trip to the Emirates stadium and matches against Liverpool and other relegation candidates (not that Liverpool is one!), the league is far from won even if a Premier league official is seen wandering around the Old Trafford grounds.

In other news, FC Barcelona dropped their first points in many matches against Sporting Gijon. Many theories exist to explain why this happened; their players still suffering from a virus picked up during the interlull, the team having one eye on their upcoming clash with Arsenal in the Champions League or Sporting Gijon playing well enough to get a point at home.

Meanwhile Emmanuel Adebayor did his best to not score against Espanyol on Sunday despite having a host of chances laid on a buffet table for him. Madrid still won despite him courtesy of a Marcelo goal even though goalkeeper Iker Casillas was sent off in the second minute.

Well that’s all I can take right now. Should try and preview the Arsenal-Barcelona in a couple of days. And the Cricket World comes in about a week. Expect me to provide updates here, whether you like it (cricket, that is!) or not.

Till later.

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