I know I said that the January transfer window was interminably boring but it seems someone decided to prove me wrong and spice things up! Left, right and centre, players were bought and sold on deadline day.

It was almost as if the footballing world just went crazy and started to believe in the Mayan prophecy that the world would end in 2012 and that signing all the marquee players on earth will give them a head start before the start of what would be the last season before the planet becomes a large fiery ball of sulphur. Or something like that.

So Roman Abrahimovich got tired of doing his impersonation of Silas Marner and decided to put his money where he says his mouth is still is. He brought out his large Russian polar bear skin wallet with the monogrammed initials and spent 50 million pounds on former Liverpool star Fernando Torres and splashed out on Brazil’s David Luiz from Benfica.

The owners of Liverpool meanwhile have decided to inject an Andy Carroll sized boost to Kenny Daglish’s team, with the deal completely financed and motivated by the Torres sale.

I get that Liverpool need to replace the goals lost by Torres moving to London and that at 21 years; Carroll might well be the future of England’s strike force. What I don’t get is how Carroll is now the 7th most expensive player in history! Come on!

And with his already lengthy rap sheet, Carroll should be right at home with the likes of Steven Gerard and Jamie Carragher

But Liverpool also bought another striker; the insanely talented Luiz Suarez from Ajax Amsterdam. 111 goals in 146 or so appearances really is a crazy record. I really do not care that he carries the baggage of that infamous handball accident from the World Cup because if I was the coach of a team I would always want a player that is willing to put his life or limb on the line for his team.

The trend I notice here is that these mega deals have been done by clubs, who are witnessing a downturn in fortunes, be it long term and short term. And they expect that these new signings would be the spark needed to turn things around for their clubs.

For the sake of their respective managers and fans, I hope it does!

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