So, it’s been that kind of weekend, a painful weekend. A kind of weekend that one is happy it’s over and done with. A kind of weekend where the hangover from it extends into the Monday afternoon immediately following it and leaves a sour taste in the mouth that even the most ferocious brushing couldn’t remove.

That’s the kind of weekend Andy Murray must have had following on from his evisceration by Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open Final on Sunday. But this really was no simple evisceration. It was more like the Serb pulled the Scot’s intestines through his nostrils with a coat hanger and then barbecued and sautéed it and then fed it back to him.

And it was painful to watch too. The greatest chance for a British Grand Slam winner in decades (and I mean a legitimate one; not Tim Henman!) being swept aside in straight sets with all the insouciance of a pesky housefly being sprayed with the latest brand of imported insecticide.

I was going to say that the win by the 23 year old Novak might represent a threshold in men’s tennis as neither Rafa Nadal nor Roger Federer was present in the final. That this might be symbolize a changing of the guard almost, a transition from a Top Two to a Top Three maybe but this most likely will prove to be a false dawn as the world number one and two should still be able win a few more Grand Slams

Another person who didn’t have a great weekend is the Special One, Jose Mourinho. After watching his expensively assembled and excessively talented team lose by a single goal to lowly Osasuna, he might be thinking that maybe, just maybe, the La Liga might be the wrong place for him.

Or maybe just a case or wrong timing. But with the FC Barcelona freight train showing no sign of hitting a stop anytime soon, Jose might need more than Emmanuel Adebayor to win his first La Liga title.

And as a last word, one must spare a thought for the beaten Australian Open women’s finalist China’s Li Na. She must have a hangover the size of the Shenzhen province. Can you imagine the pressure of having more than a billion people on your shoulders egging you on and bidding you to win one Grand Slam for them?
And Li Na didn’t do herself any favours by winning the first set. Now, she would always be the Chinese girl who choked in the final rather than one who proved that her country can be as good with tennis as with communism.

Now to go take care of that hangover of mine!

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