Monthly Archives: September 2010


So why hasn’t this blog been updated for only God knows how long? Dunno! Oh, that wasn’t the question on your mind! Too bad! Cause i was kinda hoping someone knew the answer!

It’s not like there has been no sporting action to talk about.

The Spaniards won the World Cup like every sporting pundit and their mother predicted, playing their tiki taka football but only winning by the odd goal over the Dutch.

Rafael Nadal continues to beat every player that comes up against him as long as the player’s name does not rhyme with injury.

Tiger continues to have a rotten game even after shelling out approximately two thirds of his wealth to Elin to the extent the almost had to grovel to be picked for the Ryder Cup team. This was a man who treated the Ryder Cup and the President’s Cup like nothing more than a minor irritation on his playing calendar.

The Red Bull and MacLaren drivers continue to conspire to allow Ferrari back into the chase for the F1 championship with Lewis Hamilton crashing out in successive races.

And our beloved Samuel Peter was pummeled, pounded and then punched by one of the Klitschkos. I forget which.

Wayne Rooney seems to have forgotten where he left his footballing boots or he wants to forget where he left them! With the extensive coverage of his private ‘spending behaviour’ seemingly impacting on his form, coming after John Terry’s own issues, all a football fan can pray for is for the next expose to be about a rival team star player!

Which reminds me! I need to find takers for Drogba! Where did I put my phone???

Somehow, somehow, against all odds, difficulties and the millions of obstacles put in his way, Cesc Fabregas is still an Arsenal player. Incredible!

Speaking of Arsenal players, Tuesday was a good time to be Łukasz ‘FlappyHanski’ Fabiański! Who ever thought he was capable of having a perfect game should be called a professor. Wait, he already is! Nothing beats the feeling of being derided by the press and even your own fans as the worst thing to kick a ball only for you to turn it around in one game and be consequently hailed as the best keeper since Yashin!

Sure there is a an exaggeration in there somewhere but since I am too lazy to put up more than a few links, I’ll leave you to it.

More later.